ABOUT Heavens

The oratorio Heavens expresses the quest for meaning in a super diverse society. It’s a new and original creation, engaging the encounter of spiritual and cultural traditions, of past and present.

Philippe Lamouris composed the piece, based on newly written texts and selected fragments from the legacy of different spiritual currents from all over the world, presented as a path towards togetherness and merging into an open and hopeful ending.

The oratorio will be performed by a very diverse group of artists: a children’s choir from Antwerp (Belgium), a youth choir from Warsaw (Poland) and Telavi (Georgia), a string orchestra from Kalimpong (India) and individual musicians playing traditional world instruments, some of them forced migrants, recently arrived in Belgium. Inclusion is at the heart of the project.

All groups are guided musically and artistically by Rozemarijn Vanwijnsberghe, who also conceived the libretto.

The world creation will take place on Friday June 26th 2020 in Brussels and on Saturday June 27th 2020 in Antwerp.