Heavens going virtual

Dear friends,

2 weeks ago, we had to make the decision to postpone our project 'Heavens' until June 2021. We received a lot of feedback from you: respect for this decision and a continuous engagement for our common project. We feel blessed and proud to have you all as project partners and to feel your support.

The World Choir Games already arranged everything for July 2021. You can find all information here: https://www.interkultur.com/about/world-choir-games/

We are in close contact with the organizing team of the WCG 2021 and they've confirmed to us that our concerts in June 2021, with the world creation of 'Heavens' will be an integrating part of the Choir Flame, as it would have been also in June 2020.

As always, we choose to be positive and see the chances also in this situation. And we see so many good practices of singing together in times of Corona. This Belgian choir made a virtual Corona version of a very appropriate song: 'I wanna hold your hand' https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=265460787807464

Belgian composer Koen Vits even started up a Corona choir:


We firmly believe in our common project. And, in postponing, we see a possibilty to get to know each other even better, and to create a broather music program together. Therefore, we invite you to join in learning some songs, for a musical get-together at the end of June 2020, where we can all join in singing in a virtual way. The first proposition is the following:

Bring me little water, Silvy Huddie W. Ledbetter (Lead Belly), arr. Moira Smiley

Presentation: click here

Text: click here

Body percussion: click here

Score proposed version: click here

Will you join? And will you spread the news? Great!

Please be safe, and take care. We wouldn't find a better way to express this than the WCG Virtual Choir: better is one day in your home than thousands elsewhere.


Hope to see you all soon!

Rozemarijn and Liselotte

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