Lighting the choir flame

Friday the 24th of Januari, Belgian minister of tourism, Zuhal Demir, lit the choir flame. In the upcoming months, this flame wil travel from choir to choir, from concert to concert, shining on the warmest, most beautiful and most special choir initiatives. The choir of Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege was there to help the minister light the flame.

After officially lightning the choir flame, minister Zuhal Demir joined the children in a song about hope. She praised the organisation of the World Choir Games 2020 for paying special attention to diversity and inclusion, a theme that is close to our heart as a choir.

The choir flame will finish its tour on the 26th of June, on our concert 'Heavens'. At this concert, not only the children of Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege will be singing, but also the choirs from Georgia and Poland, accompanied by the strings from India.

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