We Present: Grazyna Bacewicz

The Grażyna Bacewicz Ensemble of State Music Schools No. 3 in Warsaw was established in September 1999. In 2004-2005, the first diploma exam was held and the first high school diploma was delivered. Today, 1541 students have graduated at primary and junior high level and 150 finished the baccalaureate. Many of them are currently studying at the Academy of Music in Poland or at other institutions in Poland or in foreign countries. Others are already working as soloists or members of renowned orchestras and chamber ensembles in their homeland and abroad. This academic year, the school counts 361 students and 124 teachers.

The school's patroness is Grażyna Bacewicz, an outstanding Polish composer and violinist, who was born on February 5th 1909 in Łódź and died on January 17th 1969 in Warsaw.

Thirty singers of the music school's mixed choir, girls and boys aged between 12 and 18 participate in Heavens. Witajcie młodzi ludzie! Welcome young people!

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